Big Game Hunters and Closers…

Big Game Hunters and Closers—they’re emotionally charged, limitless, and always in control.

Junior and middle salespeople are in abundant supply, but there are only a few Super Sellers. They are known as Big Game Hunters and Closers, and companies are struggling to attract them and keep them.

Standing out from the crowd is serious business: the difference is leadership. Alpha leaders survive regardless of conditions. Alpha male and female wolves lead the pack because they are the strongest members. They ensure the survival of the pack, even through difficult times. Big Game Hunters and Closers are “Alpha Sellers.”

A sales team composed of Big Game Hunters and Closers stands out from the crowd. The team is successful because every member has the ability to sell in adverse conditions, even when the competition has a product or service that is of equal or superior quality.

Big Game Hunters and Closers generate a steady supply of income for their company and in so doing provide the CEO with something to sell—performance, the essence of the company—to bankers, brokers, employees, and shareholders. Big Game Hunters and Closers differentiate themselves from the gatherers, whose focus is building relationships rather than searching for new business. Building relationships is good, as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough. If their agenda is to practice relationship selling, salespeople lose track of the primary purpose: to provide a solution to the client and the company as a whole, not just to be liked by the contact.

Many relationship sellers make a contact within a company and become stuck at that level, afraid to go above the contact for fear of losing the relationship. Meanwhile, the competition, who is a Big Game Hunter and Closer, has connected with the real decision maker and closed the deal. Alpha Sellers can do both: create a steady income and build strong business relationships. Big Game Hunters and Closers have the discipline to do what so many junior and middle salespeople do not want to do. They are willing to pay a price for success. They operate on the base of mastery versus perfection, and they are mentally tough.

I will show you how to attract, develop and keep Big Game Hunters and Closers—the Super Sellers—on your sales team.