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How the Top 10% Do It

Sales Secrets of Elite & Top Performers

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Standing out from the crowd is serious business; the best product or service in the world is soon a burden if it cannot be sold. Average salespeople are in abundant supply, but there are only a few star performers and businesses are struggling to attract and keep them.

A sales team is guaranteed top billing if it is composed of Elite and Top Performers. The team is successful because those salespeople consistently sell well in adverse conditions, even when the competition has a product that is of equal or superior quality.

Elite and Top Performers generate a steady income for their company and in so doing provide CEOs with something to sell…performance…the essence of their company to bankers, brokers, employees, and shareholders. They have the discipline to do what so junior and middle salespeople do not, or cannot, do. They are willing to pay a price for success. They operate on a program of mastery versus perfection and they are emotionally tough, mentally clear, and intellectually nimble.

This book shows you the exact competencies you need to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the numerous rewards reserved for Elite and Top Performers.

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How the Top 10% Do It: Sales Secrets of Elite & Top Performers

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