Top Line Turnaround Expert

Transform your sales team into Big Game Hunters and Closers

…they sell more no matter the market conditions!

Neglecting the necessary balance between strategic bottom line restraint and top line revenue generation can undermine everything you have worked so hard to achieve. That remains true whether the economy is good or bad, if there is too much competition in the marketplace, or if unexpected economic shifts hit the fan.

There are only so many cost-cutting measures you can make to generate revenue. In the long term, the bottom line will only look good if the top line looks good too. The top line is where you can measure two things: the effectiveness of your sales team and the value your customers place on your product and service!

Often an experienced and objective external perspective can help CEO’s and senior management teams see, and address, the weaknesses or gaps in their revenue generation machines.

When to Bring In Experts

There are 5 key indicators when a CEOs must have a clear line of sight between them and the sales team:

  • Three months of downward tracking in the market (even if your company’s numbers are being met, tracking behind the industry norm does not bode well for robust financials for the next quarter).
  • Three months of missed sales budget
  • Retaining sales people who are consistent underperformers
  • When the sales teams defend, justify, and blame lost sales on price
  • The primary sales model is Relationship Selling

The cost of not selling is very high and goes well beyond lost revenue. It includes lost opportunity costs, loss of investor and market confidence, lowered employee and stakeholder retention and the correspondingly increased attraction costs, negative morale, and valuable time wasted on ineffective efforts. If your organization is struggling with any of these challenges, now is the time to bring in a Top Line Turnaround Expert.

The second time to bring in an expert is when things are working well!

Every highly successful individual or group knows that the significant wins are achieved when they have optimized their performance. If you want to truly take your sales force from ‘good to great’—you need a strong coach who can hone and build on strengths.

When you stop a hemorrhage you can save the patient… but for them to go on to win gold they need the best training, coaching, monitoring, practice, structure and an unshakeable commitment to being the best.

In the long term, the bottom line will only look good if the top line looks good too. In business, the top line is sales or revenue; it’s the ultimate vote of the customer.