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001small Out-Fox Your Fears: Fear Less & Live More.

Completely overcome the fear of rejection because everything you want is on the other side of fear. With these simple strategies, you can access the courage you need to deal with issues of fear in work and life.$24.95 CDN

011 Big Game Hunters and Closers….Attract and Keep Your Super Sellers.

Big Game Hunters and Closers generate a steady supply of income for their company and in doing so provide the CEO with something to sell – performance, the essence of their company – to bankers, brokers, employees and shareholders.This book shows you how to attract, develop, and keep Big Game Hunters and Closers – the Super Sellers – on your team.

$15.95 CDN

004small Say NO to Me! The True Power of Upside-down Selling.

This book will help you to resolve this fundamental problem – the avoidance of objections – so that you can close more deals more quickly and become what I call a Big Game Hunter and Closer – a Super Seller!$32.95 CDN

012small WAKE UP…Live the Life you LOVE!

Motivation is an inside job…no one can really do a consistent job of motivating another. Ultimately, we have to motivate ourselves. Inspiration, on the other hand, is often sourced best from the outside. This book, with its compilation of stories by bestselling and notable authors such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Alice Wheaton, will provide you with ample inspiration to kick start your internal combustion motivation engine! Each story explores the meaning of living your life on purpose. Whatever your situation in life, these moving stories will enlighten your soul and move you to new heights!$24.95 CDN

003small Sell More: Break Out of Voice Mail Jail. (E-BOOK)

This e-book of only three thousand words holds one of the key secrets to getting in touch, and staying in touch, with your prospects and clients. You have heard the expression, “For every problem there is a solution” and this e-book is the solution to the voice mail problem. Salespeople who implement these success strategies increase credibility with their clients, experience lower frustration with follow up, and sell more because they get to speak with the prospects whereas their competition gives up. Word for word, this e-book holds more ideas and tools that you can immediately implement to increase your sales fortunes than any other booklet can.$4.97 CDN