Customized Solutions

Our process has been honed from decades of in-the-trenches experience with what works, and what does not. A typical consulting, training, and coaching term with a new client involves a custom mix of the following:

1. Analysis of the current situation
Competency Assessment evaluation and measurement process first developed by Alice Wheaton in 2000. This allows the sales management and organizational development team to practice a Continuous Improvement Process throughout each department and the company as a whole.

2. Consultation with senior management on strategic sales objectives

3. Interview with sales management and staff

4. Possible interviews with key stakeholders and/or clients – to validate external perceptions of the issues

5. Sales shadowing observe sales reps during a typical time at work. This can be when they are on calls, during sales meetings, or making presentations.

6. Implementation support to prevent Teflon Training. Unlike other training companies – we know that you cannot achieve the greatest ROI from just a one or two day seminar. To truly effect change requires ongoing accountability for application of the skills, practice, honing, coaching, and possibly additional skills training or mentoring depending on the specific competency metrics. Ideally, this is completed over several months to ensure that the changes stick! This allows us to monitor and measure progress and then make changes as necessary.

7. Ongoing support…ie, preparation for a big presentation

8. Ongoing training…

  • Preset Like a Pro to Influence and Inspire
  • Negotiate with Skill and Finesse
  • How to Have Courageous Conversations and Discuss Almost Anything with Almost Anyone
  • The A.R. T. (Accountable, Responsible, and Trustworthy) of Being an Impressive Team Member
  • Don’t Let Bits and Bytes Become Fits and Fights!
  • Avoid the Ten Massive Mistakes that Decrease Impact and Professionalism when Writing E-mails

9. Sales process mapping We create a map of your entire process from prospect to customer service and follow-up and then analyze every customer-facing touch point, the gaps, and look for any efficiency available. When you can clearly see where you are—it’s much easier to see where you need to go.

10. Sales management Where needed, we can provide interim sales management to help bridge a gap while helping you recruit an excellent candidate.

11. Recruitment and Interview Support The process I developed for interviewing sales people is designed to prevent my clients from hiring sheep in wolves clothing! In other words, not hiring salespeople who are good at interviewing but fail short of being a sales performer. To do this we use an interview tool that is based on demonstrating, instead of discussing, the sales skills they purport themselves to have!

Sometimes our clients only need one of the above services—sometimes we work with them for a year to create an extremely effective sales culture. Whatever the challenge, whatever the solution, we partner with you to ensure that your business truly achieves a robust top line and results that last long after the training and coaching is complete.