Six ways to quickly create customer loyalty.

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Customers want it all! With many competitors in the marketplace offering the same value, you cannot afford to NOT deliver exactly what they want! What, exactly, do customers want? They consistently expect you to deliver five components to their buying process – quality, selection, service, a good price, and a positive shopping experience. They want to leave your place of business thinking, believing, and telling others about the positive experience, they had. In truth, that is what you should also want for them because every time a customer speaks or thinks of you positively, it reinforces...

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Why objections hurt our hearts

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If you are like most of us, asking for what you want can be intimidating. By the time we turned ten, many of our tender hearts had been intimidated, chastised, or demeaned for putting our needs and requests forward. Naturally, when this occurred, we created a defense or two as a form of protection. And now the stakes are really high and we are in the sales game where asking for what we want is one of the paramount rules of the game. Some people find out early that they can indeed manage those feelings of fear, doubt, and insecurity to make the request, and if the request is denied, live to...

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