Five Ways to Build Customer Loyalty After the Sale

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Salespeople cannot meet past clients face-to-face as often as they would like, for the purpose of fostering and maintaining business relationships. Great salespeople are strategic enough to see to it that even if they are absent for weeks, or even months, at a time – their presence is well felt. To do this, the strategic salesperson will use the personal client contact that they do have to gather all types of personal, professional, and ‘other’ information. By other, I mean coming to understand and know their clients’ attitudes, values, and beliefs. The information is then...

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12 ways we sabotage our sale.

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The biggest objections salespeople will ever have to overcome are within themselves and their attitudes. Unless these internal objections are mastered, they will be their own worst competitor. 1. Faulty Assumptions – Every success or failure is based on our assumptions. If our assumptions are positive, our actions will be positive, thereby making the results positive. 2. Unrealistic Expectations of Others – Are you expecting your internal contact and influencer to carry your message to the decision-maker as well as you? 3. Poor Appearance – A shine on your shoes is a smile on your...

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6 Steps to be Stress Free in Sales and Customer Service.

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    Customers have five requirements when they shop at our place of business and there are too many other competitors who are doing a good job not to fulfill these requirements. These fateful five are: great quality, varied selection, excellent service, a good price and an awesome experience. They want it all and the process of providing it all and creating Loyality Moments can be very stressful. The following are some ideas for decreasing or dealing with stress, developing great relationships with peers and clients, and for ensuring you have a great chance at the next promotion. 1. Detach...

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The Implications of a Courteous Heart.

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Today we are departing from the usual sales, prospecting, cold calling and business related material. The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Imperfect Forgiveness: Releasing Hurt Bit-By-Bit. Please enjoy, and remember to comment, follow, and share. -Alice Wheaton. The Implications of a Courteous Heart It is vital to go through life with a forgiving attitude, forgiving the big things and the small. Forgiving people, places, and circumstances is the best technique to adopt, and best spiritual attitude to hold, in order to live in the moment, and stay in the now. When we obsess...

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15 Habits of Top Level Salespeople.

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Top salespeople are accomplished. These salespeople appear to glide through life, with business coming to them. Standing in their own circle of power, they are most comfortable with others who also have an aura of power. They are masters at showing up bigger than they feel, because they know they must constantly rise to new challenges they are mentally alert, emotionally fit, and they are committed to being lifelong learners. They are always aware of the fact that they don’t have all the answers. They are also a pleasure to have in a training session because their EGO, which can be an...

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Six ways to quickly create customer loyalty.

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Customers want it all! With many competitors in the marketplace offering the same value, you cannot afford to NOT deliver exactly what they want! What, exactly, do customers want? They consistently expect you to deliver five components to their buying process – quality, selection, service, a good price, and a positive shopping experience. They want to leave your place of business thinking, believing, and telling others about the positive experience, they had. In truth, that is what you should also want for them because every time a customer speaks or thinks of you positively, it reinforces...

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