7 aspects of awesome salespeople.

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7 aspects of awesome salespeople.

There are always the salespeople out there who seem to make the sales process easy. Experience, personality and product knowledge may account for some of their success but the majority of their success can be attributed to the seven aspects of personality listed below.

  1. Creativity: the ability to think of more than one solution.

  2. Stress tolerance: the ability to manage perceptions of the situation.

  3. Personal insight: the ability to perceive both strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Communication skills: the ability to ask questions, listen, and provide feedback.

  5. Self-direction: the ability to perceive one’s self-worth independently of the views of other people yet is receptive to suggestions for improvement and critical feedback.

  6. Self-motivation: the ability to look within for energy and initiative, and to be inspired by one’s own personal goals and thoughts.

  7. Independence: the ability to work alone, yet understand the benefit of learning from co-workers; being willing to seek advice knowing that no one has all the answers.

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