Self Confidence is a Myth-No One Really has Enough!

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One of the most common reasons I hear salespeople give as to why they cannot connect with the high-level decision-makers in an organization, why they cannot ask for the appointment, why they cannot make prospecting calls, why they cannot ask for the order and so on, is because of a lack of self-confidence. It is important that you know, that self-confidence is a complete myth—it has nothing to do with your success!

I developed a model in 1995 that has stood the test of time. As you move through it, you will realize why self-confidence is a myth and why it has little to do with your, or anyone else’s, success. (more…)

Blocks to Sales Success: Are You an A, B, or C Salesperson?

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What is the difference between an A, B, or C Salesperson? Based on over twenty years of sales training experience and research, I’ve noticed that many salespeople do not meet their monthly targets or optimize their territory. In fact, few achieve 85% to 100% of their plan. In some cases, their prospects and clients are willing to meet with them, and so they labor under the assumption that they are, in fact, great salespeople. When it comes to considering the success of a salesperson, it is not just their percent of plan to consider; it is also all the proactive activities that salespeople engage in. The quality of the prospects and the quality of sales activities need to be correlated to gain excellent results. A high-quality prospect or client serviced by a poor salesperson will eventually leave. Unfortunately, the client rarely gives a three-month notice for the salesperson to improve. Therefore, it is important for a salesperson to be constantly up-leveling their knowledge, skills, and attitude to become the A-level salesperson they desire, and deserve to be. (more…)

How to Accept the One Who Annoys You!

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If you can learn how to accept the person who annoys you the most, it will free up energy that you can use to pursue your goals. Your annoyance might stem from someone on your team or at home or an occurrence while you were driving to work. While we feel justified in our anger at someone else, we often forget that there are others who might have perfectly valid reasons to be angry with us. After all, who amongst us is perfect? There is another great reason never to harbour criticism and resentment for others: it will use up your store of energy and hoarded resources. Let’s assume that when you wake up in the morning, you have only twenty-five gigajoules of energy for use throughout the whole day. Isn’t it smart to use that energy to help you move forward instead of being coopted by an annoying person or an event or people over which you have no control? (more…)

The A.R.T. of Success

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Let’s talk about the A.R.T. of Success and find out what it is that the top performers in any organization do to be successful. Of course, in this situation I’m going to be focusing on you, the salesperson.

What does A.R.T. stand for? A stand for Accountable, R for Responsible, and T for Trustworthy. Anyone who states that they are always 100% Accountable, Responsible, and Trustworthy, 100% of the time, is not telling the truth! This would mean that they are perfect and that they give their word 100% of the time. Life shows up. Things happen. We get busy. People get sick. We cannot be perfect but we can always be 100% responsible if we are willing to own our mistakes without assigning blame. (more…)

How to Use Fear to Your Advantage: It’s Not You, It’s Your Brain!

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The number one reason that salespeople don’t reach the pinnacle of their success that they seek and deserve is the inability to manage their emotions and feelings, to develop a relationship with fear.

Many people believe that laziness or poor self-esteem are the reasons behind a floundering career, but I believe the true cause is more primal; many simply don’t know how to manage the fear centre in their brain. (more…)

Why Critical Thinking is Critical for Sales Success

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Despite what the word suggests and what many people believe, critical thinking is not negative thinking. Critical thinking is about being able to look at situations from both sides; to be able to assess what’s valuable and what can be suspended and to be able to delve two or three stages deeper, perhaps even to question your own thinking. Few people are able, let alone willing to do this. It means you are a critical thinker. (more…)

You Sabotaging Yourself with Low-status Behaviors?

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Sabotage, pliers cutting wire

Throughout this book, we have dealt often with the traits and practices of Elite and Top Performers. They are those who are successful, month after month, even in very difficult economies. What we have not discussed are those who are opposite, those that we need to avoid, who with these skills will not belong to the elevated stratosphere of Elite or Top Performance. It is easy to sabotage oneself without even knowing it; many habits that come naturally quite often prove detrimental in both a work environment and your life. (more…)

Introverts Can Become Great Conversationalists

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As it happens, many of my clients are scientists, engineers, or technical experts. Because individuals in these industries can be very analytical, they also tend to be introverted, and do not generally see themselves as good salesperson material. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Harvard Business School recently did a study where they found that the typical salesperson, the chatty and extroverted ones, are perceived as less credible. Therefore engineers, scientists, and technical experts have an advantage over the rest of the salespeople in the world; they just need to discover their potential.

What I’d like to do now is explain a simple sales process to you. This process shows that, whether you’re introverted or extroverted, you can make a strong impact on your client. (more…)

Choose Passion Over Fear

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As Tina Turner sang: What’s love got to do with it? Love is just a second-hand emotion. Although this song is very catchy, it is somewhat misleading. Fear and love are the two primary emotions according to the self-managed course and the book The Course in Miracles. In it, the authors delve into the differences between them. Apparently, all our emotions, words, thoughts, and behaviors can be listed under one or the other emotion. If you are doubtful, just take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle with ‘fear’ on the left side and ‘love’ on the right. Keep that paper with you and list your thoughts, feelings, and attitude on one side or the other. If you find another category, you be sure to let me know! (more…)

Manage the Evil Twin Destroyers of Success

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Most people want to do a good job, in both business and life and they desire to reach their full potential and achieve more. Sometimes they are sabotaged because, in the process fear, doubt, and insecurity chime in to fill them with doubts. They chide themselves with negativity, well, maybe you could do it, but maybe you can’t; they believe this adverse mantra and so don’t even try. They have thoughts such as: you can’t, you’ll fail, you aren’t good enough. Maybe this is true, but the point is that if you are willing to try, to do the best you can, then you succeed whereas the perfectionist lags. It’s passion, courage, and competence—not confidence—that creates success. As I’ve already said, show me a courageous person and I’ll show you a successful one. (more…)