About Alice

As one of the most accomplished Top Line Turnaround experts in North America, Alice Wheaton has been helping leaders create highly successful sales forces for over two decades. But that’s not what she set out to be…

RP-1DIV_101000-Edit--Alice-WheatonGrowing up in a small, rural fishing village in Northern Newfoundland gave Alice the resourcefulness and determination that are hallmarks of those driven to succeed. Her composure in crisis situations, a love of challenge, and a strong desire to practically support others led to her first career as an emergency room nurse. It was there that she met a patient who suggested that she apply to Xerox to begin a career in sales…

At the time, Alice had barely heard of Xerox. She had no corporate experience, had never sold a product or service, and had never worked with technology or office equipment. She wasted no time taking steps that led to her being hired in Toronto at Xerox, despite her lack of sales experience or business expertise. Her ability to see on behalf herself astounded her future sales manager, and the rest as they say, was history!

In her first full year of selling, she was 198% of plan and 232% in her second year. That major life change and success in her sales career eventually led to forming her own company and becoming a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and business consultant. She has authored several
books translated into seven languages. Her work has taken her around the world from Scandinavia to South East Asia, to North America, and Central America.

With her Masters Degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction, Alice has developed and delivered numerous highly effective sales programs to thousands of companies and individuals throughout North America.